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About Us

SOIYL… it’s the earth beneath our feet. It’s where we grow the food that nourishes us. It encompasses our journey.

That’s what Venice based artist and designer Dolores Melgoza had in mind when she dreamed of what we wear on our feet as we make our journey across the Earth’s Soiyl. She went on to create a vibrant brand that reflects her spirit and beliefs and the colors, sounds, and lifestyle of her Venice, California neighborhood.  A shoe that symbolizes history, art, compassion, and serving others.
Inspired by all of nature’s elements and the beauty of the ancient lands of her ancestry in Mexico, as well as her travels throughout Latin America and Asia, she was moved by the simplicity and authenticity with which people live.
Now through SOIYL, Dolores can share her vision and the connection one feels to something that is lovingly handmade with positive vibes and energy.


Touch the SOIYL beneath your feet, feel the wind in your hair, and reconnect with the Earth and with each other. The SOIYL collection is passionately hand crafted from the finest materials, with Love, from Venice, California. SOIYL was founded in the pursuit of dreams and the vision to create a better, more compassionate world. Sure we make shoes, but we are driven by a sense of deeper purpose: Love, Passion, Art, Beauty, Community, Stewardship of the Earth, and reminding people to live and breath and help each other when we can. We think we make some pretty cool shoes too! Every shoe is lovingly hand-woven and handcrafted by artisans in Los Angeles, California. We hope the products we create reflect the embodiment of the Love, Truth, Freedom and Creative Expression that we want to share with the world and the honesty and integrity of our people.